Gravel Roof Repairs

These roofs are one of the oldest types of roof systems used on flat roofs around the world. They provide maximum durability to foot traffic and offer that needed barrier to certain hot work and chemicals common to certain industries. Due to advancements in technology, however, these roofs are becoming a thing of the past.

As your gravel or smooth built-up roof ages the cap sheet pulls away from the edge and from other termination points such as parapet walls. This is caused by years of direct sunlight and rain which cause oils and plasticizers to leach out thereby shrinking and cracking the cap sheet.

Our seamless roof systems offer an affordable solution to these deteriorating giants of the industry. We can clean, prime, and permanently seal your BUR no matter the type, smooth or gravel. We make sure there’s no moisture in the insulation and identify all areas where standing water is common. We address those problem areas with industry leading products per the manufacturer’s specifications. This insures your new seamless roof system will be covered by the industry’s leading manufacturers for years to come.


Our goals are simple—to get home safely every day and to do the best job we can for our clients. By focusing on those two things we have been blessed in the growth of our business.

While most of our work is centered in the West Tennessee area, we are licensed in multiple states and will travel as the needs of our clients grow.