Make Your Old Rubber Roof A Cool Roof

EPDM rubber membrane roofs are very durable and long-lasting. Hail and foot traffic are no match for this tried and true roof system. That said, however, they do have their limits due primarily to their color…black. Thermal shock takes its toll on EPDM membranes at an alarming rate. This means the temperature inside your building is much higher than with more modern roof systems such as elastomeric coatings. Cooling systems must work harder to make up for the extra heat hovering just below the deck. Overtime your facilities cost is compounded with HVAC maintenance and more foot traffic on your roof.

Reroof it and forget it. The cool roof systems we install can bring the interior temperature of your building down to a comfortable level that keeps your staff happy and your monthly utility bill smaller.

The process for an EPDM is no different than our other fluid-applied membranes. The common problem areas are seams, fasteners, protrusions, and termination points. We identify these areas and seal them with our industry-leading products that reflect UV rays rather than absorb them. When necessary we move standing water to the drains or off the roof edge. The result is a completely seamless, highly-reflective membrane that protect you from the rain and your wallet from unnecessary cooling costs.


Our goals are simple—to get home safely every day and to do the best job we can for our clients. By focusing on those two things we have been blessed in the growth of our business.

While most of our work is centered in the West Tennessee area, we are licensed in multiple states and will travel as the needs of our clients grow.