Make Your Metal Roof A Seamless Cool Roof

While metal roofs are among the most durable and leak free roofs in the industry, they are also among the most susceptible to the effects of thermal shock—the movement caused by extreme temperature fluctuations during the summer months. Common problems consist of screws backing out, open seams, loosened flashing, deteriorating skylights that soak in moisture, extreme daytime temperatures, expansion joints, and rust.

After thoroughly cleaning your roof, we stop the rust with our commercial-grade rust-inhibiting primer. All screws are then tightened or replaced as needed. New screws may also be added to insure a water-tight seal before any sealants are applied. Each screw head receives commercial-grade sealant for maximum water-proofing.

All seams are sealed per the manufacturer’s specifications. All the roof systems we install use a high tensile strength product and process on all vertical and horizontal seams that will not tear even over time.

All protrusions are sealed with the same high tensile strength product and process we use on the seams. Protrusions consist of vent fans, plumbing vents, HVAC units, skylights, conduit, anything that protrudes through the roof. Protrusions are a common source of roof leaks on all roof systems and common tar-based products used to patch around protrusions only cracks and compounds the problem costing you more money in the long run.

The final fluid-applied single-ply membrane is fully adhered to your roof for a seamless, highly reflective barrier against the elements. This membrane eliminates thermal shock thereby maintaining a surface temperature year-round that will never be more than 8- to 12-degrees above the ambient temperature. This keeps seams, screws, protrusions, and termination points completely water-tight for many years to come, and at a fraction of the cost of conventional roof systems.

Our roof systems are the last roof system you’ll ever have to put on your property. This is because all that is needed at the end of you warranty period is cleaning, touch up, and a new membrane applied on top. All the prep work will have been done decades earlier. So, for a fraction of the original cost your facility will get a new warranty and the same great seamless cool roof system. Did we mention our roof systems are considered a “maintenance”? See your tax preparer for details.

Common problems prior to DAR Roofing Repairs


Our goals are simple—to get home safely every day and to do the best job we can for our clients. By focusing on those two things we have been blessed in the growth of our business.

While most of our work is centered in the West Tennessee area, we are licensed in multiple states and will travel as the needs of our clients grow.