Durable Seamless Roofing

Each modern roof system has its place and these single-ply membranes are no different. PVC roofs are proven more flexible and stand up to chemicals better over time than their TPO counterpart. TPO roofs, however, stand up to weather and heat better than a PVC roofs. But if you ask a building owner who has just experienced a hail storm, you might get a different story about the durability of these popular membranes, depending on the mil thickness installed on the roof and the type of application such as fully-adhered or mechanically fastened. If you’re building has a wood deck, can you afford to take a chance? Cold weather climates and hail take their toll on both TPO and PVC roofs. Here in the Mid-South we have weathered many devastating tornadoes and damaging hail in recent years, not to mention hurricanes that spawn similar storms hundreds of miles inland. To add to the inconvenience of potential hail damage, spotting the damage may be difficult if your roof has algae, grime, or standing water. The experts at DAR Roofing can help you know what to look for and when to look so that you can be ready when your insurance adjuster climbs the ladder with clipboard in hand.

There’s good news. A fluid-applied single-ply membrane can be installed directly over the top of that storm damaged TPO or PVC at a fraction of the cost of a retrofit. DAR Roofing will identify any moist substrate and replace it as needed. Any small amounts of moisture remaining is released through breather vents we install as part of the prep work. All hail damage is sealed with industry leading products one hole at a time. Full attention is given to problem areas such as seams, protrusions, termination points, and fasteners. When the prep work is completed, those problem areas are no longer problems. Finally, a top layer of highly reflective liquid membrane is added for a completely seamless water-tight seal.


Our goals are simple—to get home safely every day and to do the best job we can for our clients. By focusing on those two things we have been blessed in the growth of our business.

While most of our work is centered in the West Tennessee area, we are licensed in multiple states and will travel as the needs of our clients grow.